EMS Training for ECP Compliance

Please ask us for an online demonstration of what we can offer you for EMS Training for ECP Compliance. We have helped numerous large shipping companies put together successful compliance plans and we will bring our experience and our software templates to work with you to develop customized training to meet your compliance needs. In this way we will save you both time and money while delivering a superior product.


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EMS Training for ECP Compliance was developed by shipping veterans to teach Officers, Superintendents, Port Captains and Crew the details of a typical ECP Compliance Plan. To develop the training, we work with you to modify our templates in accordance with your companies Policies and Procedures. We help train your employees and help to ensure that they understand the importance of following your plan. Modules are customized for each job type. At the end of the training, an assessment containing 15 randomly chosen questions is given. A Certificate is awarded when the assessment is passed with a score of 80% or better.

Your EMS training for an ECP Compliance Plan may be customized to include the following topics and more.

A few of the topics covered :

  • Overview
  • Policies
  • Importance of Compliance
  • Training Plan
  • Regulations We Must Follow
  • ECP Definitions
  • Terms of ECP
  • Audits
  • Probation Timeline
  • Manuals
  • Standards and Laws
  • Responsibilities and how to report a violation
  • The Core team
  • Communications and Record Keeping
  • and much more



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