Customized E-Learning

We offer our experience and proven technologies to help you develop cost effective e-learning to meet your company's training needs.

Our team offers over 20 years experience developing innovative e-learning and assessments in combination with a lifetime of sea and ship engineering experience.

MMS Demo

If you like our training, why not use our successful approach and knowledge of the shipping industry to meet your own training development needs.

We can:
  • Take information and procedures you need to pass to your employees and cost effectively transform them into high-end e-learning.
  • Teach your staff to develop using our training approach.
  • Provide our training technologies, which we have developed to produce our unique training, to help you solve your e-learning needs.
  • Offer our technical and instructional design expertise to make sure your elearning works optimally for you.
You will be surprised at how inexpensively and quickly we are able to create or help you create effective e-learning using our proprietary e-learning Authoring System.

Contact to discuss how we might help with your e-learning development needs.

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