Our goal is to assist our customers in improving their vessel processes and practices to prevent violations. However, if a customer comes to us after they have incurred a violation, we have the experience and technical expertise to assist them through the various stages of the violation remediation and/or environmental compliances processes.

Ship Prow

Captain Bob Hall and Chief Engineer David Hiller can offer onsite:

  • Engineering technical services in structural naval architecture and marine propulsion, controls and auxiliary systems for vessel construction, repairs, modifications, upgrades and systems analysis.
  • Technical support to analyze engineering documents, drawings and/or specifications.
  • Document analysis & reviews, fact-finding, pertinent question development, vessel particular invesigations, tests or experiments to formulate an expert opinion or validate a preliminary opinion.
  • Technical expertise to observe, review and analyze vessel engineering operations and procedures to develop and deliver technical support to upgrade, optimize or improve vessel operations, procedures, vessel systems and crew training.
  • Assistance by providing information for discovery and deposition planning and identifying other experts.
  • E-learning Consultation and Customized Development.
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